This is the design portfolio of Ramon Thompson,
Visual Designer & Art Director.

Aracena Coaching Works
ALO Fashion Stylist
Tutorial to Table
Kingston Technology Group
EMPOWER: Yoga for Runners
Reading Without limits

About Me

Hi, I’m Ramon and I run Newsaturday Design Studio. I started Newsaturday because I want to help people realize their dream of doing work they love. I do this by helping them tell their stories using visual design.

I currently live and work in Brooklyn, NY, but originally grew up on the island of Jamaica in the caribbean. I emigrated to the United States when I was 11 years old, and studied computer information systems in college. I’ve always had a burning desire to learn how things work, and always loved to draw and create as a child. Now I’ve turned my curious, creative, and analytical mind towards helping others realize their dreams and passions.

The name “Newsaturday” came to me while walking my dog at the local park. Taking a mid-day break from a project, I was admiring a bright yellow flower when inspiration hit. It’s known that everyone dreads going to work on Mondays, after having a weekend of relaxing and fun. So I wondered if it was possible to choose a life that allowed for fun and relaxation while doing work that you love. You could have a weekend day during the week! What rally cemented the idea for the name is the saying “X is the new Y”. Pink is the new Black. Tuesday is the New Saturday.